The Arts are for life – not just for New Year (although it’s a good start!)

  The start of a new year is a good time to review our lives […]

Student, sketching by hand on canvas

Students, Mental Health and the Arts

Students, Mental Health and the Arts My own interest in mental health started during my […]

New CPD Courses!

We are delighted to launch our first two art therapy CPD online courses. These filmed […]

Creative health: the arts are good for your health!

The arts are good for our physical and mental health! This is why the UK […]

What is creativity?

OCAT director, Dr Val Huet, participated in a debate on “What is creativity?” at the […]

Using art therapy to thrive

Mental Health Today has published a piece about using art therapy to flourish. It highlights […]

Why did I go mad?

I watched an interesting Horizon programme last week called, “Why did I go mad?” It […]

The Arts and Work Related Stress, by Dr Val Huet

Image above: ‘The Ultrasounds’ at Cork University Maternity Hospital. Courtesy of Anyone who has […]

painting with palette knife

Passion for Art Therapy!

Living in a big city, I often take for granted how easy it is to […]

child dove painting

‘I’m No Good at Art, Miss!’ – Why Art Should Not Be Just for the Experts

I will never forget how shocked I felt when, having volunteered in my children’s school […]